Philip Hackney

Universität Osnabrück


I am an algebraic topologist! I'm currently part of the group at Universität Osnabrück. After finishing my PhD at Purdue, I spent some time at both the University of California, Riverside and Stockholms universitet.

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Okay! So some links for participants at MATRIX:

In October 2016 I will begin a three-month stay at MPIM Bonn, and then in January 2017 I will start a research fellowship with CoACT at Macquarie university.

Here are abstracts for our conference higher structures:advances being held in June.

Here is a little utility I wrote to strip unused macro definitions from a latex project.

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There will be a two-week workshop and conference called "Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics" at MATRIX in June 2016. My pal Marcy Robertson is organizing it with me.

Peter Lumsdaine took this photo of a fantastic shirt of mine. Meowy Christmas!

2015/01/02: Here is a question about cofibrantly generated model categories that I'm curious about

This term Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine and I are teaching a phd course on ∞-categories and homotopy type theory. More information is available on the course page.

I'm giving a short talk on properads at the icm satellite conference in algebraic topology in Dalian and will be present for the preceding workshop. I will also attend the loop spaces conference in Nantes at the beginning of September.

In February I spent a week at the Simons Center and two weeks at Western.

In January 2013, Julie Bergner, Inês Henriques, and I organized a special session at the joint mathematics meetings in in San Diego on (homotopy theory) ∩ (commutative algebra). Many of the speakers have been kind enough to provide slides.

In my thesis I constructed Araki-Kudo type operations in the homology spectral sequence associated to a cosimplicial En-space.